Gun Dog Training - Now Available!!

As 2020 ramps up following a good hunting season we are excited to announce we are going to be offering a slightly different, more handler involved gun dog training program this summer. It will be $50/session, and is based on the George Hickox training system,  with custom formatting for each individual dog. We will take and evaluate your dog, and will proceed with a plan that is suitable to you over the course of 4 sessions. Not every dog learns at the same pace or with the same tenacity, and that is fine. We will determine both the level you hope to achieve with your dog, the steps we will need to build to get there, and the takeaways and training drills and tips you can continue to work on to achieve the desired goals! Each session will comprise of 4 hours (half of a Saturday), that will be a combination of teaching the drills, showing the drills, and helping you begin to practice the drills effectively to build the foundation and developmental skills for a successful bird dog.

You can find and read more information on and the philosophy of the George Hickox dog training system here.

Email us at for more information.