Our Studs

As of this year have four working studs that we will breed out of our own kennel. All the studs come from very proven successful bloodlines, which have produced multiple champions in the ancestry as you can see in the pedigrees. All of our studs are dual registered in both AKC and UKC.


Our males are available to stud fee if the breeding is within the guidelines of the EBBA (Epagneul Breton Breeders' Alliance) and is deemed to both be a good pairing and for the betterment of the Epagneul Breton breed. Stud Fee is $1000 (or a puppy) for 2020, and please ask about the policy regarding Stud Fees if interested.

ChF-L Maxime Confesseur de la Trinite TAN WRT

Moose's Profile

  • Birthdate -  06/10/2016

  • Weight - 37 lbs

  • Sire - GrChF Ch Fergus Sur le Delavan TAN WRT

  • Dam - Euphrates de Plum Creek

  • Pedigree

  • OFA - Fair

  • AY Negative

  • Confirmation - C1 Excellent (Honorable Jean-Francois Maillet - 2019 National Conclave; Honorable Franchi Ange - 2020 National Conclave)

  • Field Accomplishments

    • TAN - ​09/17/2017 HPPDC (Honorable Clint LaFary)

    • WRT - 09/21/2019 EBGDC (Honorable Clint LaFary)

    • GUN Class

      • 3 Pass, 1 RCAG​

      • HUNT - 3/25/2018 HPPDC (Honorable Bud Shipp)

    • OPEN Class

      • 6 Pass, 1 RCAC, 3 CAC - ​4 Ltd, 1 Wild, 5 Lib, 2 Brace

      • TR (Trialer) - 06/08/2019 GNEBGDC (Honorable Reynald Lefebvre)

      • ChF-L (Champion of the Field) - 10/3/2020 FDEBGDC (Honorable Matt Van Maanen)

  • Show Accomplishments

    • National Elevage Winner - 2020 CEB-US National Conclave (Honorable Franchi Ange)​

    • Best of Winners - February 2020 HPPDC Specialty Show

    • Best Male - February 2020 HPPDC Specialty Show

    • Reserve Best Male - February 2020 HPPDC Specialty Show 2

TR Maxime Confesseur de la Trinite TAN WRT (aka: Moose) achieved his Trialer (TR) title in June 2019, at only 2 years old, and he is truly a hunting savant: pointing, retrieving, backing, and running a big and beautiful "breton" pattern. Moose has an incredible nose for birds, and can't wait to get in the field every morning. He is a big running dog, and produces pups that run with his style and energy, but confirm better than he does. He carries French lineage of champions and Elite A dogs including Toy de St. Lubin, Lurky des Sources Claires, Lasso de Sous les Viviers, Fench de Sous les Viviers, Ray de la Source aux Perdrix, Polka de la Source aux Perdrix, Minnie de la Source aux Perdrix, Jekael de Keranlouan, Cyrano du Clos des Erondes, Indy de St. Lubin, Laos du Bois de Vauchelles, Gamine du Bois de Vauchelles, and Go du Bois de Vauchelles. He also has 4 american champions in his pedigree including Fergus, Vern, Lucy, and Titus. 

Moose is the prototypical foundational dog to develop and produce consistently excellent puppies. He is a cornerstone and center piece of our breeding program and kennel.

In 2019 Moose's lineage won the CEB-US National Elevage award as the most consistently excellent reproducing line in the country with his half sister and daughter in the ring with him. He also guided and produced more than 500 birds for guided hunts in 2019/2020.

Gazou de la Source aux Perdrix

Gazou's Profile

  • Birthdate -  10/06/2012

  • Weight - 42 lbs

  • Height - 50cm

  • Sire - Shun de la Source aux Perdrix

  • Dam - Angy de la Source aux Perdrix

  • Pedigree

  • Hips - HD-A

  • AY Negative

  • Confirmation - Confirmed

  • Field Accomplishments

    • TAN

We imported Gazou for a couple very intentional breedings. His lineage has passed on hunting and field trial genetics to some of the highest titled dogs in US history. He is a non littermate brother to Doc, who has sired some very nice litters in the US but is now retired. Gazou has already made a successful stud career for himself in the northern part of France and will now have an impact on our program for the last few years of his career.

Gazou allows us to add a pedigree full of aux Perdrix blood to all of the females we already have and love to develop our next generation. We are excited to add him to our program and see the progeny that comes through!

GUN Nebuchadnezzar du Ten Bar Ranch TAN

Czar's Profile

  • Birthdate -  06/10/2016

  • Weight - 39 lbs

  • Sire - TR Ten Bar Ranch Heineken WRT

  • Dam - Girl du Bois Courcol WRT

  • Pedigree

  • OFA- Excellent (click through coming)

  • AY Negative (click through coming)

  • Confirmation - Confirmed (Honorable Franchi Ange - 2020 National Conclave)

  • Field Accomplishments

    • TAN - ​01/20/2018 EBGDCG (Honorable Larry Ellison)

    • GUN Class

      • 3 Pass, 1 CAG​

      • GUN - 6/24/2018 GNEBGDC (Honorable Peter Wax)

    • OPEN Class

      • 5 Pass, 1 RCAC - ​1 Ltd, 1 Wild, 4 Lib, 3 Brace

GUN Nebuchadnezzar du Ten Bar Ranch (Czar) achieved his GUN title in June of 2018 at only 15 months!  He is out of incredible combination aux Perdrix, Cliathan, and du Bois Courcol lineage featuring Shun, Doc, Jumping Jack and R'Vampire just to name a few. He has produced 5 litters to date, all with the quintessential Epagneul Breton personality of being loving in the house and tenacious in the field. Czar is a very nice running dog, and almost never misses a bird. He has a beautiful, natural "breton style" figure-8 pattern. He excels in field trials, but truly is the foot-hunter's ideal bird dog.

Czar will continue to compete and push towards his TR (Trialer) title in 2020, and will continue to be a large part of breeding program. Czar's siblings include multiple time GrChF's Juno and Maggie!

Presbyteros de Pays du Soleil TAN

Pete's Profile

  • Birthdate -  09/14/2019

  • Weight - 36 lbs

  • Sire - Titus des Plaines Dauxeenes TAN MH

  • Dam - Josephine des qui Coule Hannahatchee TAN MH

  • Pedigree

  • PennHIP - .46

  • AY - TBD

  • Confirmation - Confirmed

  • Field Accomplishments

    • TAN - ​08/01/2020 EBGDS (Honorable Ed Smith)

  • Show Accomplishments - TBD

Presbyteros de Pays du Soleil or Pete, as he was affectionately named by his breeders, Don and Linda Rice, comes from one of our favorite dogs in the US, Titus des Plaines Dauxeenes. Titus is a fantastic dog out of France, from the aux Perdrix lineage. He is also Moose's grand-sire, and Ghost's great grand-sire. Behind Titus are some of the all-time greats from France: Ray de la Source aux Perdrix, Polka de la Source aux Perdrix, Minnie de la Source aux Perdrix, Laos du Bois de Vauchelles, Gamine du Bois de Vauchelles, Go du Bois de Vauchelles, Jekael de Keranlouan, and more.


Josie, Pete's mother, is out of great lines as well, going back to Oscar du Pont de Cauhet, Djazz de la Plume Picarde, Sacha de St. Lubin, and Vern. Josie brings style and biddability to the breeding in incredible and compatible ways.

Pete is full of bird drive, intelligence, and loves people. We look forward to watching him develop, field trial, hunt, and sire litters in the coming years,as a hopeful cornerstone for our kennel.

Othniel de la Traverse Ponthieu TAN

Neo's Profile

  • Birthdate -  05/17/2018

  • Weight - 33 lbs

  • Sire - Jet du Grand Capricorne (4/6)

  • Dam - Inna de la Plume Picarde (4/6)

  • Pedigree

  • PennHIP

  • AY Negative

  • Confirmation - TBD

  • Field Accomplishments

    • TAN - 04/07/2019 FDEBGDC (Honorable Matthew Van Maanen)

Othniel de la Traverse Ponthieu TAN (Neo) is an incredible addition not only to Trinity Kennels, but the gene pool for the breed in the United States. Othniel's pedigree features multiple Elite A sires in succession including: Oscar du Pont de Cauhet, Djazz de la Plume Picarde, Ullane du Grand Capricorne, Lascar de Keranlouan, Spirale de la Mare Bourcy, and soon to be Jet du Grand Capricorne. Jet, Neo's sire, was the 2017 Epagneul Breton of the year in Europe and finished second in points in 2018 and 2019 as well. Neo brings with him the style and flash that show through in his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. His conformation is beautiful, and his intense bird drive and intelligence are already in full display at only 6 months old. Neo brings what we strive for in all our dogs, and we are happy to introduce this fresh line to our breeding program in Neo!!

Israel de la Trinite TAN 

Ray's Profile

  • Birthdate -  

  • Weight - 30 lbs

  • Sire - Smith's Ridley de Pondside

  • Dam - Blue Chip Jasmine

  • Pedigree (click through coming)

  • OFA - Good

  • AY Negative

  • Confirmation - N/A

  • Field Accomplishments

    • TAN - ​

Israel de la Trinite (Ray) is our most veteran male in the kennel right now, and has proven to be a beast of a hunter and close friend. He comes from a combination of Vernon de L'Escarbot and Cliathan lines and brings both the bird drive from Vern as well as the calmness of Cliathan to bear. As a one year old Ray produced over 40 pheasants in the Iowa fields and got some exposure to quail as well. He has hunted over Midwest upland game as well as the mountain birds of western Montana. He is the complete package with a gorgeous look, a passion for hunting, and a love for people. Keep an eye out for a Ray litter coming later this year or early next year.