Ramsey's Gun de la Trinite & upland_brits!

Two months with my first EB!

Hi Jeff and Josh, I just wanted to send along a few pictures of Gunner and to share how much fun he has been these first two months. He’s already been out with us on a 3 day trip to Nebraska chasing Sharptail and to Kansas chasing chickens. He’s been the easiest dog I’ve had to travel with as a young pup. I’ve been trying to get him some exposure to new things and new environments and he’s been handling them like a champ.

I’ve had him out on a few birds and clipped wings and oh my! He’s got so much drive when he hits the ground. We have went for a few short walks through the field and he’s showing me already his willingness to work and follow me as a hunting partner. He doesn’t bolt off and do his own thing. He is quiet in the kennel and very easy mannered inside the house which my wife appreciates.

Lastly, even as a young pup he’s showing me his strong retrieving drive which I really wanted in my next hunting dog. With saying very little he’s bringing bumpers back from 15 yards out which I’ve been very pleased with.

All this to say, I couldn’t be happier with this pup that Mia and Mojo produced, I think he’s got more potential than I will even know what to do with but he’s going to be a very versatile dog.

Thanks so much and I hope you and your family are doing well and getting out into the field this fall.

-Will & the @upland_britts family

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