Jax & Maya Take On The Woodcock

Noah WolthuisSun, Oct 4, 10:13 AM (5 days ago) to me

Just thought I would send you guys a few photos to let you know that the dogs are having quite a bit of fun chasing grouse and woodcock here in Michigan this fall. We are going on our 2nd trip to the U.P next week, and time permitting will be headed west for pheasant around thanksgiving.  Jax (male) in his second year is picking up where he left off , very obedient, great prey drive, retrieving naturally, working a close range of 25-50 yards in the grouse woods, and handsome to boot. Maya (Female) in her first year is making strides in her intelligence and eagerness to be in the woods. Though she hasn’t gotten her first point on a wild bird yet, she is already retrieving shot birds back to hand naturally. I’m hoping this 2nd trip to the U.P will make things click in her head just a bit more and I get some flashes of her potential.  The woodcock were harvested yesterday an hour from home and the grouse was a nice mature bird taken in the U.P 2 weeks ago.  I hope you guys are well and enjoying the start to fall with your dogs. Best of luck to the both of you this season!


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