Lily Mae

Lily Mae came into our life after a very sudden loss of our 14 month old puppy. We were so happy when we did some research and found that Trinity Kennels still had one puppy ready to go home with us in short notice. Lily was easy to train. Never cried when she was crated at night nor had an accident in her crate. She had a bit of a difficult time figuring out potty training, but after the first snow fall, she learned quickly that if she rang her bell, she got to go outside and play! Potty training happened very quickly after that and now she isn’t crated on a regular basis. Lily also picked up quickly on boundaries we have set up in the house including not going up or down stairs or over a line to our front formal sitting room. She also stays in the backyard with us and never jolts off after little critters. Anytime food falls on the ground, she leaves it until she hears the command “get it”. She also can do the same trick with anything placed on her face. She will sit like a statue for as long as we make her wait, showing just how much disciple she has in her. Although we didn’t get her out hunting much last fall, but she isn’t gun shy and loves to track anywhere we take her. She also gives on command which is very helpful when retrieving. Although she has a bit of a chewing problem when she gets bored, she is very good with company and kids. Checks them out and then leaves them alone. Almost has a sense of those who aren’t dog people and leaves them alone. She does shed a bit more than we expected, but the love she has for us is worth it. Lily is such a little peanut, and really has become a part of our family. She even helped us announce to our families that we are expecting out first child. We really do trust Lily Mae will do just fine with a newborn. We couldn’t be happier with Trinity Kennel’s breeding and love our Lily Mae.


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