Georgia Field Trial - Fun, Fellowship, and Field Trialing

Two weeks ago, January 20-21, Trinity Kennels & Buckley Creek Kennels loaded up the pickup with 4 dogs, 1 cooler, and the first of many tanks of gas as we headed south to Pine Mountain, GA for the Epagneul Breton Gun Dog Club of Georgia's field trial. It was a long trip (both ways) but was worth every minute, every drop of gas, and even the less than 5-star hotel we stayed at:).

The field trial began Saturday, January 20, at 7am, on Hal Avery's family farm. Hal is nothing short of a southern gentlemen, and the property that he and his son Zach, and Hal's father before that have developed and maintained is immaculate for bird habitat and for a field trial.

Our first dog to run on Saturday was Moose, who ran very well in a warm afternoon session, under judge Reynauld Lefebvre. He began the run with 3 very successful sequences, pointing, holding to shot/release, and retrieving (the two birds that were shot) to hand. However, near the end of his run an unfortunate sequence led to a quail wild flushing, and it got the best of Moose's emotions, as he took about ten paces towards the bird and got picked up (he didn't care, he had a blast!!).

Later on Saturday, Czar, our youngest male, achieved his TAN on the backfield under judge Larry Ellison in quick fashion to begin his young but promising trialling career.

On a fun aside, Kona (Moose's sister) was able to win the Saturday GUN class!

On Sunday, Moose got to run second in morning and the stage was set for a perfect run. Moose did not disappoint!! He found three quail during his run, handling all three in a point, hold to release, and retrieve to hand fashion, while running a beautiful, wide, quartering pattern. Just like Saturday, a wild flush happened, though this time Moose held strong, didn't chase, and finished his run, earning his first placement in the GUN class, an RCAG!! He was proud as a peacock, and wanted to keep going.

Czar ran next on Sunday, and did a beautiful job, but did not find any birds on his run.

All told, it was a very successful weekend for Moose, Czar, and Trinity Kennels down south, and wonderful opportunity to meet some of the southerners who love the breed as much as we do!

- Josh Ruiter

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