I wanted to drop you a note about Zeus. We picked up Zeus from your kennel in Sully Iowa on March 6th (born January 12th). Today I enjoyed a great day of hunting with my son Adam and Zeus. We shot two pheasant and four chukar today, that brings the number of birds shot that Zeus has pointed to 40 and he's just over 11 months old! Zeus hunts a lot differently than my other American Brittany (Copper) that I had. He hunts a lot slower, always circles back/checks in without needing any prodding with an e collar. I was sort of skeptical as to whether this little dog could hunt and he's made me a believer. Zeus is definitely developing into a great upland bird dog. I would also like to add that at home Zeus is a great family dog, he's at ease running in the backyard or laying on the couch or in my lap in the family room.

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