Abbie is doing very well. We named her Abbie Joie, (after Abigail in the Old Testament). We got her kind of late last October 2014, (you were in the process

of moving to your new location). She’s about over all the puppy growing things and is pretty well house broken. She does run around chasing or being

chased by our Welsh Corgi, Belle but all in fun. She gets along well with all other dogs and people after the initial excitement.

I get asked about my “puppy” all the time at the dog park or out walking, then I explain the size standard and breed. People think she’s so pretty,

and she’s very strong, fast and overflowing with energy when needed. Her size is perfect for indoors. My wife and sons and I all love her and she responds to

each of us in her unique way.

I’ve attached some photo’s from her backyard training. She’s going to be getting or practice and training out in the yard and field as summer winds down.

She is so INTENSE when we’re in the field, I can’t wait until opening day!


Jim & Janet Shannon

Bettendorf, Iowa

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