At Trinity Kennels we make a point to take special, personal care of each puppy and litter. We currently have multiple litters on the ground from some really great pairings and are excited about some upcoming litters as well. Check back for litter updates and pictures as we will post them here as they begin to hit the ground and grow. If you are interested in a puppy, email or call Trinity Kennels to reserve your pup. Also, please read through our customer purchase agreement for full understanding of the mutual agreement a deposit provides.

Current Litters




This is a first time-breeding between GUN Nebuchadnezzar du Ten Bar Ranch TAN (Czar) and Ithiel du S'Agapo Breton (Theo). Czar is your ideal when looking at the Epagneul Breton. He is cobby, thick, and has ideal extension/angulation. He is a goof-ball in the yard, loving every animal and human that crosses his path, and tenacious in the field, naturally hunting a 50-75 yard out, figure-8 pattern as the epagneul breton is known for. He rarely misses a bird, and always hunts for you. Theo is an absolute lover. She serves triple-duty, as a nice-and-easy hunting dog always within 50-75 yards, with a solid nose and lovely bird drive. She also is a fabulous mother, and thirdly serves as a reading therapist for young children in the local school systems. This pairing should produce easy to train, close-working intelligent dogs for the every day upland foot-hunter!



TR Maxime Confesseur de la Trinite TAN WRT (Moose) is our top hunting/field trialing dog currently, and is challenging to be our best dog ever (Zeke is still holding on!). He achieved his TR (trialer title) in the open class at 2 years of age and continues to throw incredible hunt-driven pups with even better conformation than he possesses. He comes from world-renowned Aux Perdrix lines, a line we have long loved and are intentionally building our kennel around! Lydia shares the same Aux Perdix lineage and is an 8th generation cross on Titus des Plaines Dauxeenes out of the Aux Perdrix lines. Moose is field trial specimen who will cover any field for you, and Lydia is your typified Epagneul Breton, foot hunting around 50 yards out to keep you in range of the game. Lydia had four healthy (WELL BUILT) pups that promise to be hunting and/or field trialling dogs as they mature.



Izri du mas D'Pataula (Ree), is a beautiful dog, with an incredible, loving disposition with people and other dogs. She is closer working dog in the field who hunts for her handler, and does so with style and joy. GUN Nebuchadnezzar du Ten Bar Ranch TAN (Czar), is true "epagneul breton" specimen. He is cobby and thick, with a goof-ball personality in the yard, and tenacity in the hunting field. He is a closer working male, generally staying within 50-75 yards of his handler/hunter. He naturally patterns a prototypical Epagneul Breton figure-8 quartering back and forth. He rarely (if ever) misses a bird! He is the foot-hunter's dream. This litter should take Czar's cobby build and Ree's longer build and create a beautiful middle-ground for excellent confirmation and easy hunting!

Upcoming Litters



We are planning to do a repeat breeding of GUN Nebuchadnezzar du Ten Bar Ranch TAN (Czar) X Lexus Sur le Delavan TAN WRT. This litter is a repeat breeding that produced beautiful pups with great biddability and intense bird drive. Lexus is sired by ChF Ch NBOB Jai Ceci (RIP) and her dam is Ch GrChF De La Ferme Sur le Delavan (Lucy). Czar is a full brother to Juno du Ten Bar Ranch & Maggie du Ten Bar Ranch who both achieved their GrChF before turning 3. He achieved his GUN at 15 months and is running in the OPEN class at 20 months. He features Shun, Ray, Polka, and Doc from the Elevage de la Source Aux Perdix, as well as Ofely and R'vampire as well. This litter has all the makings of phenomenal field & confirmation dogs boasting some of the best of both in their pedigrees and siblings.



This breeding is pairing the best of Vernon de L'escarbot with a bloodline that has produced 2-3 GrChF. Czar is from Girl and Hank, producing multiple grand champions of the field, still hunting at a foot-hunter's pace and style, very rare and unique!! Mia is a special, special dog, with intense field drive! Czar is one of the best males we have ever owned, offering the comment from a recent judge "never sell that dog, ever!!!" (there may have been other words involved to enhance his enthusiasm over Czar:)/