For 2021 the cost of puppy will be $1500. Reservations/Deposits are $200 and place you in chronological order for selection of a puppy upon arrival of the next litter. Some special breedings may be more expensive.
The Epagneul Breton breed follows a global naming convention that requires registered dogs to abide by the letter pre-determined for that year. For 2021 the letter is "S" as in Saint or Sugar. In addition we require you to use our kennel affix (de la Trinite). Example for 2021: St. Augustine de la Trinite.
Trinity Kennels guarantees our puppies to be free of genetic hip defects for 12 months. This is primarily for Canine Hip Dysplasia. If a genetic hip defect is found and verified by a veterinarian with documentation of the microchip number, we will work with you to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, typically in the form of another puppy. If the unlikely event of a defect is found, we will not ask for a return of your family member, however, we will require proof that is has been neutered or spayed. Any dog or puppy that is neutered or spayed before 2 years of age will void all guarantees.
If, in the extremely unlikely event, your puppy comes home with a small umbilical hernia or retained testicle, we will reimburse you, the buyer, $300 to cover the cost of the procedure. Neither condition will affect the puppies health if treated.
In addition to this we do not remove dew claws as it is has been found to be detrimental to the long term health and hunt-ability of a field dog. If you would like to read more on this issue, you can do so here.
Along with guaranteeing the genetic health of the dog, we also guarantee all shots and worming will be up-to-date upon pick up/delivery of your puppy. Additionally we ask you to give Trinity Kennels the right of first refusal if you were ever to sell your puppy in the future, and we require that your dogs surname be that of the Trinity kennel affix- "de la Trinite". You can find the purchase contract here.