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Our kennel features some of the top global bloodlines and we have worked very hard and very dilligently to bring in lines that pair well with one another to draw out the best traits in a bird dog. The pedigrees in our kennel feature the the Aux Perdrix line (Ray & Polka), the du Bois de Vauchelles line (Laos, Go, & Gamine), the de Sources Claires line (Lurky), Cliathan line (Mighty McSmith & Kerryman), the du Keranlouan line (Jekael), the St. Lubin line (Toy, Cyrano), the de Sous les Viviers line (Lasso), & more. We also carry the bloodlines of French champions and Elite A sires: Best, Shun, Lasso, Djazz, Oscar, Real, Cyrano, & more .


Upcoming Litters


We are hunting, trialing, guiding, or training our dogs year round to continue to lay a foundation for success in the long run both in the field and in structural conformation.


This year Teca, Ghost, & Neo achieved their TAN, Czar achieved his GUN, and is one placement from his TR (trialer). Moose achieved his WRT & TR (Trialer) title, and is closing in on his Champion of the field. Moose also had over 600 birds shot over him this season as hunting and guide dog.

Upcoming Litters


All of our dogs are bred with the hunt drive and pedigree to be phenomenal hunting and trialling dogs. Though we also have a keen eye on the family component of our dogs and breedings. All of our dogs are incredible combo dogs: loving and endearing members of your family as a pet, and ready and willing to hit the field running. We use our dogs in the local school system to help students with reading disabilities learn to read as a "reading therapy dog". Theo is our current rockstar in the classroom.