Trinity Kennels Policy

A necessary part of the business side of a kennel is to have a hard and fast policy on refunds and returns. So while we understand and sympathize with any situation, we want to be up front with the customer as to our policy on and purchased dog. We will guarantee a dog's genetic health through 12 months. This is to give the new owner time to see and be with the dog and also complete the hip check for breeding purposes. Also if there are any other unforeseen genetic issues that would come up, we will also replace your pup for that. The only exception to this guarantee is if you choose to have your puppy spayed or neutered before 2 years of age, as an invasive surgery can likely cause malformation of the hips and joints, so these procedures void the guarantee.


By guarantee we want you to know that all deposits and payments are non-refundable, as they provide both the kennel with assurance as well as a number in the selection process for depositors following you. As deposits grow some people are hesitant to deposit and wait longer for a puppy, so we place a high value on your deposit as getting you a dog is important to us, and it also means another potential customer may go elsewhere.  In the rare case (we have yet to have one) in which your dog does not pass his/her hip check you will get a new puppy to replace the other dog and no refund. While some kennels will ask you to return the dog you have issue with, that is not a policy we believe in. As a dog is more than a hunter or business partner, often times being just as much a member of the family and a pet, we let you keep the dog. All we ask for back is the papers to the dog to ensure you will not be breeding the faulty dog. Also, for future customers you can be guaranteed that all the dogs in our kennel have and always will be staying in our kennel and have not been exposed to anything we cannot personally put our guarantee on.


Also, returning a puppy is not a practice that we are involved in. Once the puppy leaves our kennel property it is non-refundable and non-returnable except for genetic reasons as we mentioned above. This means that when you come and get a pup from us, it is yours, only yours and nobody else's. This part of the policy may seem tough, but as I hope you see in a moment, very necessary. The purpose behind this is so we can guarantee to every customer that your puppy has been under our watchful eye since birth. Once a pup leaves the kennel we cannot guarantee what happens to a pup once the new owners have it. Whether it is simply a change in diet, or being exposed to something it wasn't exposed to in our kennel, as a good faith policy to our customers, every pup you purchase is new and only yours. This also allows us to guarantee the dog, knowing what we are backing up, and allows you the customer to rest assured in the health and guarantee of your new hunting partner and family pet.