Our Dams



Mesopotamia de L'etoile du Nord

Mia is another of our young dams, coming to us from Jim X Hope, bringing solid bloodlines and natural ability with her into our kennel. She is an incredible hunter and her love of birds is insatiable. She will begin trialling this September, and will look to have her first litter in late 2018.

Lexus Sur le Delavan

Lexus comes to us from Sur le Delavan kennels in Illinois and brings with her the type of hunt drive and pedigree that we look to reproduce time and time again. She is a daughter of ChF and NBOB Jai Ceci (Rip) from Leah Corcoran, and Ch GrChF De La Ferme Sur le Delavan (Lucy) from Clint La Fary. She will be a full time hunting dog and mother within our kennel, and we could not be more excited for what she brings!!

Lydia de la Trinite

For Sale! $2000. Lydia is one of our younger females who will turn two this summer and will have her first litter this fall. She is out of our Geo X Rachel breeding and is absolute gang buster in the field. We are extremely excited about this female from within our own kennel and the potential and promise she already is showing. 

Izri du Mas D'Pataula

Ree is a great dam from solid bloodlines that bring size, great temperament, and solid hunting drive to our kennel in a way that pairs very well with some of our harder charging dogs. She is built and produces the best kind of close hunting Epagneul Bretons you could ask for. As she is now six she will be retired soon, and will be in search of a nice hunting home where she can lounge with the family and hunt when your in the field for the next 6-8 years.

Blue Chip Jasmine - Retired

Jazz is one of our favorite breeding females bringing the Cliathan lineage that pairs so well with nearly anything else. She will be bred for a final time this fall to Moose, a repeat breeding that turned out to be one of the best breedings we have ever done!

Ithiel du S'Agapo Breton

SOLD! - Theo just recently turned six, and has done a wonderful job for us as a breeding female, and as a therapy dog in the local schools. She will be bred for the last time with us later this year, and we are very excited for her final litter with Moose. Theo loves hunting, loves people, and has become the face of a program in the local school system helping children learn to read. She truly is the total package! She is ready to retire from our program soon and go to loving home where she will be able to enjoy hunting, home-life, and people!!

"PR" Blue Chip Dot

Dot comes to us from Blue Chip Kennels and features a large amount of the original bloodlines we had in our kennel 29 years ago. That includes a strong portion of Cliathan lineage, the du Calembour that started our kennel, Crocket, Patouche, and others. We are excited to cross Dot to some of our males starting in 2019.

Pentecote du Clan des Perdrix

Teca has arrived from France, and from Elevage du Clan des Perdrix. She is a daughter of Mac de la Source Aux Perdrix (cotation 4/6) and Loula de Domaine de L'Erisse. Teca presents another fabulous lineage with high hopes for her in our breeding program and field trial work. If she is anything like her dad (Mac), grandfather (Best), or Great-Grandfather (Shun)...we should have very little to worry about with this little rock star!

Pneuma de la Trinite - Ghost

"Ghost" comes from our own lines via Buckley Creek Kennels. She is the daughter of GUN Mekonah de la Trinite TAN & Nalko des Sentiers du Ramier TAN WRT. Two dogs with Aux Perdrix strongly present in their pedigree and field ability. Ghost will be another female that is part of our long-term to focus on 2 strong, historic bloodlines and out-cross to others as excellence is found.

Euphrates de Plum Creek - Retired

Tess is an orange and white roan with a motor that won't quit. This comes from incredible championship bloodlines as you can see by the "red" in her pedigree. From the second she gets out of the kennel until the second she goes in, she knows two things only: people and hunting. She is a very "birdy" dog who loves to get out in the field and only quits if you make her, and hunts with a bulldog type mentality. But when she gets home she is a very loving companion who will play with you until the sun goes down. She is a great mom as well, and consistently throws that same type of high energy, "birdy" gun dog.