Trinity Bretons began in 1989, originally called "Trinity Kennels", when the breed was still commonly referred to as the French Brittany Spaniel. Jeff owned American Brittany Spaniels at the time, and had the rare opportunity to guide a weekend hunt for Joel Vance, a member of the Missouri DNR and former editor of "Field & Stream" and author of "Bobs, brush, & Brittanies: A Long Love Affair with Quail Hunting". By the end of the weekend hunt, Jeff had his first three Epagneul Bretons on the way to Iowa from David Fallensby's kennel in New York. Gabe, Candy, and Zeke started a passionate pursuit of producing excellent dogs in the field and home for the foot hunter and field trialer alike. 

Thirty-one years later Jeff, Josh, and Trinity Bretons was recognized with the "2020 National Elevage Award", given to the kennel that best represents consistency in excellence in your breeding program, generation over generation. It was a very humbling honor to be recognized by our peers and French judges.

Over the three decades of pursuing excellence we have utilized both art and science in the pursuit of excellence in the reproduction of this incredible breed. We also have seen life take us through seasons of engagement, early on with high involvement in the field trial and show world, and a return to high level competition in 2015. Through the middle years the demands of raising 5 children, work and family life, and multiple moves required the perspective of the kennel to be exclusively training and foot-hunting over or dogs on the wild birds of Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, and the Dakotas. We have never lost sight of, or our passion for, producing hunting dogs first, for the person who wants a companion in the home, and driven bird dog in the field. This paired with our renewed ability and passion for field trialing and conformation has given us a renewed vision and perspective to continue to produce the foot-hunters bird dog, as well as correctly built dogs with the drive and run to compete and win at the highest levels.

Trinity Bretons has become a family endeavor over the years, with each of the oldest three sons, Josh, Zach, and Seth, each owning and hunting an EB from the kennel. All of the family has a role in the kennel, from daily care taking, to accounting, to marketing/sales, to training/trialing, to hunting/guiding. Over the 30+ years these incredible dogs have become an integral and beloved part of our family and our homes, and we are excited to share our joy, our passion, our hobby, and our story with you!!

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