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Welcome to Trinity Bretons, and thank you for visiting us as we celebrate our 31st year raising Epagneul Bretons (French Brittany Spaniels). At Trinity Bretons we strive to raise, train, and reproduce that are excellent representations of the breed both in the field and in conformation. Over the past 30+ years we have continued to study, learn, and implement all that we can into our breeding program and philosophy, as well as our training program and philosophy. This culminated in being awarded the "National Elevage Winner" at the 2020 CEB-US National Conclave & Field Trial in South Carolina. This is huge honor and a vote of confidence in the ability we have built to produce consistently excellent EBs in the field and in conformation. 

It is out of these 30+ years of experience, learning, and listening that continue to strive to produce the most desirable "lightswitch" dogs around. Dogs that are tenacious and tireless in the field, but calm and relaxed in the home. Following the example of the French, we believe in the genetics/pedigrees of the dogs to come through in the field drive of our puppies, while pairing dogs for complementary purposes, size, personality, and style. For more on our breeding philosophy visit our "Breeding Philosophy" page here.

What's NEW at Trinity Bretons?
  • 2020 CEB-US National Elevage Winner - best breeder award!!

  • COMING SOON!! - Gazou de la Source aux Perdrix, a beautiful and driven male from France that we will co-own with Buckley Creek Kennels.

  • Phoenix du Bent River & Pharaoh du Bent River arrived home in April! They come from Coby du Hameau de Sorny x Bary des los Cascajos (Aux Perdrix, St. Lubin, and Hameau du Sorny lines). We are very excited about the confirmational excellence and style these dogs will bring to our program!

  • We are going to be bringing into the kennel a puppy out of GUN Libnah de la Trinite TAN x PR Odin de la Trinite TAN, a very nice breeding that will double down on our female Euphrates du Plum Creek (Tess), out of Aux Perdrix lineage.

  • Stay tuned: 1 more exciting addition coming to the "de la Trinite" family soon!!

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